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Five reasons why Umbraco is the perfect Public Sector CMS

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The COVID-19 crisis created significant challenges for public sector organisations. Faced with a loss of access to physical locations, many front-line services were fully digitised for the first time.

With necessity created by the pandemic, a shift that would normally have taken years or decades took place inside of a few short months. Staff began to work from home, developing workarounds to problems, workarounds which eventually became processes, and which affected the expectations and behaviour of citizens they interacted with.

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To make these changes possible, public sector organisations pushed their existing and often disconnected suite of content management systems (CMS) to – and sometimes beyond – their limits.

As these ways of working and expectations become the new normal of a post-pandemic world, it’s time to assess whether these fragmented, short-term fixes are cost-effective and fit for purpose? Or whether your public sector organisation can afford to miss out on the long-term savings, efficiencies and opportunities offered by a single CMS solution?

CDS is a trusted Umbraco Gold Partner

With that in mind, we’re highlighting the five top reasons why Umbraco is the perfect choice for any forward-thinking public sector organisation looking to move to a new CMS:

1. It’s free to use and scalable

Umbraco is an open-source solution that’s free of charge that offers public sectors organisations a blank canvas to create a website without compromise. Whether you’re using it to build a website for a nationally available service, a local or unitary authority or something in between, Umbraco can be scaled to meet your needs.

2. It’s user-friendly for visitors and staff

Designed with users in mind, Umbraco is a breeze for website editors and friendly for visitors. The backend tools allow content designers to communicate quickly and efficiently, while users will find it easy to navigate and access the information they’re looking for. Additionally, by working with us, our experienced team will ensure your website design meets the accessibility and inclusivity standards set out by the Government Digital Service (GDS), which have been mandatory for the websites of all UK public sector organisations since September 23, 2019.

3. It’s flexible for developers

Umbraco offers developers a nearly endless set of possibilities and options. Whether you want to standardise the look and feel of your website content, need to integrate with third-party solutions or manage a mobile application, Umbraco headless CMS options have the APIs and options to fit. Don’t have the internal skills to take advantage? Then our team of experts can help.

4. It’s cloud-ready and secure

The Umbraco Managed Cloud Platform is a SaaS offering that removes the need to manage your servers and ensures you are always running the most up-to-date and secure version of the software. Additionally, by moving to the cloud you’ll get Umbraco Latch – which will automatically add TLS certificates to any website hosted on Umbraco cloud for free.

5. It’s government approved

Finally, one of the key features of Umbraco, is that its cloud services are G-Cloud compliant and available on the government procurement service. G-Cloud is a UK Government programme to encourage the adoption of cloud solutions across the public sector. CDS is an approved supplier of the Umbraco Managed Cloud Platform on the G-Cloud12 framework, making it easier to procure for your organisation.

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