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Umbraco Cloud now offers UK regional hosting

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As a leading Umbraco Gold partner, CDS is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the UK Regional Hosting Option for Umbraco Cloud. This new option allows partners and clients to create and host their Umbraco websites in the UK at the click of a button, revolutionising how they work and making it easier than ever to meet data privacy requirements, especially in the public sector.

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"UK is the fastest growing market when it comes to choosing Umbraco Cloud as the hosting and development platform for Umbraco projects. Up by a whopping 32% from last year. I'm delighted that all the feedback we've gathered, especially from our UK-based partners, is already manifesting in a UK region on Umbraco Cloud. With this, we acknowledge the high demand from both partners and customers to expand the regional hosting options, meet the data privacy requirements of countries outside of Europe, especially required in the public sector, and continue to reap the benefits of Umbraco Cloud."

Mike Pedersen
UK Partner Manager, Umbraco


Why is the UK region on Umbraco Cloud important?

There are two prime factors:

1. Data storage requirements: Depending on the type of data you're working with, storing it in a data centre in the UK may be necessary for regulatory compliance. This requirement can now be met with the new UK region.

2. Improved performance: The closer you are to the data centre, the faster the response times will be. While the impact may not be as significant as with the US region, it will still have an effect, especially during development.


How does it work? 

It couldn't be simpler! When creating a new project on Umbraco Cloud, select the South UK option, and that's it! With multiple regions to choose from, you now have more flexibility and control over your hosting needs, whether you work internationally or have specific regional requirements.

In addition to the UK region, two other options are available: West Europe and East US. West Europe is located in the Netherlands and is a central location for European-based clients and projects. East US is perfect for US-based projects and clients and an attractive option for the Americas.

Existing projects can also be migrated to a more suitable region, and CDS is here to help with that. If you have any questions, contact us for more information on the migration process.

How can we help?

At CDS, our goal is to see clients succeed with Umbraco. The flexibility and control gained by adding more hosting options is one more reason to choose Umbraco Cloud. With features like automated upgrades, content synchronisation, deployment workflows, CDN, caching, and security, Umbraco Cloud is designed to help build and maintain sites with ease.

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