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Matt Johnson elected to techUK Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee

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We are thrilled to announce that Matt Johnson, Head of Public Sector at CDS, has been elected to the TechUK Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee (JESMC) for the 2024-2026 term. This recognition highlights Matt's exceptional expertise in the public sector digital transformation arena and his commitment to shaping the future of technology solutions. He brings a fresh perspective and a passion for innovation to the JESMC, which will be instrumental in the justice and emergency services (JES) sector.

Matt Johnson

The JES programme provides a vital forum for stakeholders in justice and public safety, bringing together national policing bodies, local forces, fire and rescue services, and the justice system. Its mission is to foster collaboration among members and stakeholders, providing a platform to understand the latest innovations, tackle challenges, and develop networks.

Steering the strategic direction of the JES program is at the core of the committee's responsibilities as is overseeing the building of a vibrant public safety sector ecosystem through partnerships and networks, creating opportunities for open, meaningful and early private/public sector engagement and contributing thought leadership for a more informed and collaborative sector.

Matt's extensive public sector experience spanning over two decades has been instrumental in driving digital transformation initiatives across various domains, including central government, local government, and the NHS. His deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by public sector organisations means that he can contribute significantly to the JESMC's strategic direction.

Matt explains "Having worked for many years in the public sector I've come across a number of barriers to achieve transformation - some technological, some not. To drive real transformation we need to help remove these barriers and bring everyone on the journey as, from my experience, it can't solely be the responsibility of the digital and/or IT team. 

There's always been a risk associated with trying something new and - with the rate of technology enhancements over the last few years (taking AI as an example) organisations may need help to be able to de-risk opportunities to fully take advantage of them. Fortunately, addressing these challenges is within CDS's expertise, and it aligns with what I aim to contribute to the JES committee."

We are particularly proud of Matt's dedication to advocating for the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the JES sector. His unwavering belief in the power of SMEs to innovate and drive positive change aligns seamlessly with CDS's mission to empower innovation, deliver tangible outcomes and make a positive difference.

"In the time that I've been focusing on this area, I have seen many similarities as well as a lot of nuanced differences with other parts of the public sector," Matt explains. "As I work for an SME, I would like to help other SMEs bring innovation to the sector and will champion the needs of SMEs."

CDS has played a pivotal role in shaping digital transformation strategies for a wide range of clients, including delivering the most significant change in UK policing since the 999-emergency number was rolled out across the UK in 1976. The Single Online Home (SOH) platform provides nationally consistent services from a 'digital police station' and now serves over 33 million UK citizens. Whether you report a crime on the Met Police website, Greater Manchester Police or any one of the other force websites, CDS's digital platform underpins them all.

We are thrilled that techUK has chosen Matt to represent CDS and SMEs in general on the committee and we're confident that his genuine passion for the sector will enable him to make a positive impact on it.