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Bought into the AI and Automation hype but don’t know where to start?

Getting started with AI or automation tools can be overwhelming: What’s the right technology? What do we need to have in place? CCS' new frameworks can help

Posted in Digital, Operational Transformation, Data, March 2024
5 minutes reading time
Adrian Odds

Adrian Odds

Marketing & Innovation Director at CDS Adrian leads the marketing function, ensuring the agency is perfectly positioned to support its clients.

Calculating the True Value of Effective Data Governance

Discover innovative ways to derive value from your data and make data-driven decisions that drive investment and growth.

Posted in Operational Transformation, Data, November 2023
3 minutes reading time
Geoff Barraclough

Geoff Barraclough

Geoff is Director of Data Services at CDS, delivering measurable and sustainable change in the usage of data to improve business outcomes. ​