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How NHS Trusts can deliver successful digital transformation

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At the end of August, NHSX published the new What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework to enable healthcare leaders to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely.

A guide to digital transformation, the WGLL framework encourages ICS’ to build on the changes that were forced on their organisations to help manage the pandemic. By drawing on those experiences from across the country the framework asks for systems to empower citizens by digitising and connecting people to their services to transform patient experiences, care, and outcomes.

Digital Transformation modelWhile the framework gives digital leaders the ideal destination to aim for, they’ll need help to provide the detailed directions needed to ensure they don’t get lost taking expensive detours on the way.

As part of the framework, NHSX offers assessment guidance to benchmark your organisation’s level of digital maturity, enabling you to identify gaps and prioritise areas for local improvement. Sometimes, digital transformation projects can feel so big that knowing what you need and where to start can feel alien to one another. This is where we can help. Tackling complexity is a part of our DNA and we’re experienced in delivering digital transformation services for public healthcare providers.



Delivering digital value
Here are a few examples of how CDS has delivered digital value to the public sector and the NHS.

Currently, we’re working with NHS England & Improvement to rebuild the FutureNHS collaboration platform. We’re providing them with an open-source solution that aligns with the goals of the WGLL framework, giving the NHS control of their own development roadmap and focusing on the specific needs of their users. 

The platform will support collaboration across trust and ICS, providing a place to innovate, share knowledge and ideas, access learning and training resources, disseminate community events, manage projects, and enable working together. Ultimately, the wider goal is helping to improve healthcare delivery as a whole.

We also migrated more than 32 million records across to the solution we developed for Social Work England. Built using open-source and cutting-edge low-code technologies, the online platform has given more than 96,000 social workers access to the documentation they need and has set the regulator up with a cloud-based, resilient, scalable and accessible solution for the future – a great example of ‘What Good Looks Like’.

These projects are just the start; we are working on a number of projects across health and social care, that aim to fulfil our purpose as an agency: to make a positive difference to our society.

How we will deliver for you

Our experience working with some of the UK’s most vital healthcare has enabled us to develop a unique way of working that helps simplify the complexity of the challenge your organisation faces.

Our expert teams are straight talking and will get straight to the point if what matters to you by applying a five-phase process to find the most effective and efficient solution for you:

  • Learn – We get right to the crux of the matter by discovering what’s important to you and your stakeholders to help us develop empathy and understanding
  • Simplify – We make sense of the problems, taking the time to achieve the breakthrough that ensures our response to your brief is right
  • Create – We develop the big idea, the solutions that make things better for everyone
  • Deliver – We deploy smoothly to ensure that you don’t have any sleepless nights
  • Evaluate – We prove that we’ve delivered what we said we would and that the outcomes make a positive difference

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