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How to choose the best print management company

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Finding a print management company that fits your business needs can be overwhelming. When everyone professes to be experts at everything, how can you accurately assess a list of the ‘benefits of outsourcing printed communications’ to find the partner you can trust, not just the organisation with the best marketing team?

We have compiled a list of essential attributes that all potential print management partners should have to provide you with high-quality print communications, innovative and efficient delivery, effective cost reductions, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Man using a magnifying glass to inspect a print job.

  1. Expertise and client network

The foundation of all print management companies should be their wealth of expertise. A solid print management partner will have extensive knowledge of print and a genuine enthusiasm for the work that they are doing. This knowledge should be referenceable in their existing client base, and you should be able to see the development and creativity they have employed to grow their client relationships.

This depth of understanding of the industry provides the infrastructure that allows them to be innovative and forward-thinking. You are looking for a stable partner that can easily subdue any issues that may arise while future-proofing your needs with new and exciting ways to deliver your communications.

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A print management company’s expertise can often be seen in the frameworks they can produce your communications under and the certifications they have been awarded. This can be a great way to align your business needs with the print services a partner can deliver. A partner that is confident working under these frameworks will be able to provide you with many features, such as transactional and critical printing, a range of finishing services, storage, and even distribution.

As procurement frameworks meet the fundamental needs of the printing process, certifications are often a signifier of a company’s social values. Certifications are awarded to companies that are environmentally sound, socially responsible, and secure. Selecting a partner is a multi-faceted process, so taking the time to look for one who meets your production standards, cost requirements, and social values will result in a working relationship that will grow with your business.

Inclusivity and accessibility

Print is a trusted and ever-evolving method of communication. Print management companies should be producing innovative solutions that improve alongside societal improvements. A reputable company will include accessible and inclusive design in their creative processes, ensuring that your offline communications are accessible to everyone, including those with complex needs.

Customer service

Once your production needs and values are aligned, the next stage is evaluating your potential partner’s approach to customer service. Your partner should offer comprehensive communication throughout your contract; they should be easy to reach, friendly, and most importantly, make you feel heard. In some use cases, expertise can cloud a print partner’s judgement, focusing on their sole journey of evolving in their field without considering the best interests of their client. Your ‘best fit’ partner will always offer the perfect combination of expertise and customer service, tailoring your solutions and services to your specific communication needs.


Promising efficiency and value for money can become empty statements if a print management partner’s reporting capabilities are not aligned with your expectations. Finding a partner that can provide you with complete, detailed, and readily available reports on where your spending is going and what it is being used for allows you to stay in control of your budget and maintain alignment with your wider organisation’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Applying this layered approach to choosing a print management partner will help you find one that is culturally and organisationally aligned to your needs. Yes, they need to meet all your production, social value, and regulatory needs, and understand the need to hit your cost and risk objectives, but you also need to have confidence that they will be innovative and loyal and, that in your shared relationship, you will find a catalyst for mutual growth.

CDS provides your business with accessible, high-quality, secure print management solutions as we consistently invest in and innovate new, efficient ways to deliver your communications, saving you an average of 15%–25% on your print budget.

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