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Customer Inclusivity - Do Brands Really Care?

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Lucy Beldon, planning and inclusivity lead at CDS, recently took part in a fascinating webinar about inclusive communications.

Lucy spoke about recent research on why inclusive communications are essential.

The webinar also explores the issues driving an increased focus on inclusion and purpose, what consumers want and expect from brands and how organisations can start to make a positive impact.

There were also presentations from:

  • Consumer Champion, Martin Newman. Founder, The Customer First Group, discussing the key building blocks for customer centricity
  • Hanisha Kotecha, Chief Client Officer, Creature London Explore on how to engage your 'forgotten audience'
  • Andy Freeman, Head of Customer Engagement & Acquisition, British Gas on why brands, marketers and advertisers need to embrace diversity and inclusion, so it stops being a novelty and becomes normal

To watch the recording visit the DMA website: