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Four steps to achieve ‘Change at the speed of digital’

Technology has become the fuel of change for organisations and many are continuing this ‘change at the speed of digital’ to enhance their organisations.

4 minutes reading time
CDS Marketing

CDS Marketing

Marketing team

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Can iterative digital change help businesses mitigate risk?

Clare Gledhill, operations and strategic development director here at CDS, recently explored if iterative digital change can help businesses mitigate risk with Top Business Tech.

5 minutes reading time

The importance of inclusive and accessible user research in digital transformation projects

Our operations director, Clare Gledhill, recently discussed the importance of inclusive and accessible user research in digital transformation projects with WeAreTechWomen.

3 minutes reading time

What Good Looks Like – How NHS Trusts can deliver successful digital transformations

At the end of August, NHSX published the new What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework to enable healthcare leaders to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely.

2 minutes reading time

Re-platforming: the most overlooked piece in developing a successful digital transformation strategy?

Clare Gledhill, operations director of digital, insight, and content at CDS, shares her thoughts around re-platforming – and why it’s crucial to implementing an effective digital transformation strategy.

4 minutes reading time

Top six tips for briefing suppliers on digital transformation projects

Have you ever been disappointed when reviewing proposals sent by potential suppliers in the past? Do you want a higher quality, more realistic response?

3 minutes reading time
James Fraser

James Fraser

Business Development Manager at CDS