Starting a new job during the COVID-19 crisis


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Before starting a new role, many different thoughts go through your head. Something that hadn't crossed my mind back in January was a global pandemic.

In my first week, we were hearing reports of a virus in China. These warning signs were quickly cast aside by most and the majority of the world moved forward, including me. A comprehensive, insightful and engaging work induction period quickly came to an end.

Then suddenly, there was the faintest concern that this virus might actually be more problematic than we originally thought. But how bad could things really get?

I think everyone across the country has experienced some form of hardship in these challenging times. In too many cases it's unimaginable. The speed at which normality turned into Armageddon-like status was alarming and forced everyone to adapt.

My new agency CDS have had to solve the same problems as many other UK businesses, and employees have had to embrace new ways of working.

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I'm in a fortunate position, as I continue to work and do all that I can to succeed in my role. I'm thankful that I experienced the best induction of my career. This has given me a good understanding of the agency, it's values and the clients it supports. Without this, the last month would have been a lot harder.

Many of our clients operate in industries strategically critical for the nation – health, transport, police, finance, government and defence. Our clients rely on CDS and our agility to ensure their continuity, especially at times of crisis. I've been proud to see the work we've done. The way that my team and many others in the organisation have supported me throughout this surreal time has been outstanding.

Its cemented my decision to join the agency and I've got to see how CDS lives by its values, making a positive difference. Other people new to the job could quickly be forgotten, it's a sign of the culture here that this has not been allowed to happen.

I'm only three months into my new role, but I already know I'm with the right agency. This crisis has magnified everything. And one thing that has become crystal clear is that this is an agency full of talented, thoughtful and resilient people.

My thoughts right now are with those who have not been so fortunate.

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James Fraser

James Fraser

Business Development Manager at CDS

Business Development Manager at CDS

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