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It’s time for the next instalment of our Q&A series!

We think it’s important for our readers to get know the wonderful people behind CDS, as we’re truly proud of each and every team member who brings our straight-talking strategies to life!

Next up, it’s account director, Peter Brownings. With just 10 minutes on the clock, let’s go…

1. Sum up your role at CDS in one sentence:

As account director I am the bridge between the client and CDS. My job is to build strong and meaningful relationships within our portfolio, ensuring the smooth running of the accounts.

2. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

The people… I am lucky to have a varied set of customers across the Greater London Authority, all with differing needs and requirements — everything from keeping London moving to policing its streets. Three months in and I’m still getting to know them. Likewise, the people I work with are all fantastic as well.

3. How did you become an account director?

Creative design and print have always played a part in my life, my dad was a printer and my mother an artist. I have a love for design and making things happen, this led me into the print world, initially getting ink on my fingers, through production and campaign management roles and eventually moving into the client world.

I like people and I enjoy nothing more than taking their ideas and problems and turning them into something that we can all be proud of.


4. What drew you towards choosing CDS as an employer?

They came knocking! I had a chat with the lovely Sarah Hardy in the recruitment team, and I was eager to learn more about the role and what CDS stood for. There is clearly something different here that I’d not seen in previous roles. Wanting to “make a positive difference” resonated with me. CDS as an agency is going places and I wanted to be a part of that journey and help shape its future.

5. Describe the CDS ethos in just three words:

Challenging industry perceptions.

6. What’s been your favourite project so far and why?

It has to be the account-based marketing plans we have built and deployed across the portfolio. I work on regular informative communications, not only trying to promote CDS but also sharing industry best practice and advice.

7. And, which brand would you love to work on a comms project with?

I have a passion for cars, so it would have to be Singer Vehicle Design. A California-based company takes the already iconic Porsche 911 and creates remastered air-cooled cars using cutting edge design and technology. Taking the Marque to another level of quality and refinement, this would be a dream.

8. Complete this sentence: For businesses, employing an effective communications strategy means… being clear on the objectives and what success looks like and understanding the journey before asking the question: “how do we get to…?”

9. For a bit of fun, if CDS were a variety of biscuit, which would it be and why?

Digestive, all day long. Dependable and straightforward. That said, the Peter Kay sketch about dunking biscuits is a must-see if you haven’t.

10. Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be

Don’t be in such a rush, enjoy the journey.

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